Running for city council district 4:
Regina English

Bridging the Gap Where There is Lack

Community Issues

Economic Development

Regina considers economic development a top priority and she is prepared to ensure that policies are implemented so members of this community are not displaced as developers invest in our properties.


Regina is committed to introducing policy aimed at improving the lives of those in our community who suffer from homelessness. Including our veterans.


Increase frequency of routes, expand hours and create a robust system citywide.

Community Input

Regina is committed to pushing changes that the south east community want and need. We encourage your input to influence ordinance and policy decisions.

Police Accountability

Advocate for rigorous training for officers incoming and present, mandate trauma counseling, hold officers accountable for unethical policing, work with law enforcement and sheriff to ensure transparency and accountability to community.

Veteran Support

Supporting the veterans of the United States Military takes more than a holiday. Regina stands by that with plans to increase access to vital resources.

Safe and Clean Neighborhoods

Make sure neighborhoods have efficient lighting and secure funding through the city or by securing grant dollars for community clean up projects on a regular basis.

Support For The Disabled

Increasing the frequency and ease of access to the resources needed to make our city accessible for everyone is an investment that Regina wants now.

South East Colorado Springs Statistics

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Chance To Vote IN CHANGE!

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What Are Policies?

Policies can be defined as a set of principles and guidelines that are put in place to aid in decision making. Policies are unique to the city that they are created in. Voting Regina English in means that someone from the southeast community will be able to speak for you, and create policy designed to improve your life. No one understands the needs of the community better than someone truly involved in it.

What Are Ordinances?

Ordinances are the laws, rules, and regulations that apply to a specific city. If you vote Regina English into Colorado Springs City Council Office, the ordinances of the city will reflect the interests of all of our citizens. The benefits of having someone in office that is willing to hear you out are almost too numerous to count.

Community First

The April 6th, 2021 election for District 4 City Council is quickly approaching. It is a mail-in only election, meaning there is no physical place you will go to vote. All REGISTERED voters will receive a ballot in the mail. Register to vote below!

Why Vote For Regina English?

This Colorado Springs City Council Member Cares For YOU!

Community Experience

Regina has been a leader in this community for over 20 years. In order to enact change for a community, you have to know the community and no one knows District 4 better than Regina.

Determined For Change

Determined for Change" - It's time for innovative ideas to be at the table. Regina is determined to bring fresh policies that will enable to District 4 to excel and strengthen its community.

Your City, Your Policy

Your City, Your Policy" - Regina believes that her community knows best. She will build her ideas around the things you care about. Because they are the things we should all care about. A vote for Regina means a vote towards bridging the gap

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